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House of Grebe
Thoughts from ME

Living in the suburbs of Philadelphia is a totally different expirence than anywhere else in the world.First of all, there is never anything to do in my area, seriously. Ok this is what would consist of a average night in my hometown. go to the bar, go to the bar, or um go to the bar. Of course there is a plethora of movie theaters within a 20 mile radius, as well as 3 malls and countless shopping centers all located within 20 miles or so of each other, so shopping is always an option, but really going to the mall to hang out got boring in about 7th grade. So we end up doing nothing, or going to the city. if you chose A. doing nothing, you will probably end up renting a movie or watching Tv, surfing the internet and being a dork, though that was basically my life this summer. If you choose to go to the city, you have countless options to choose from. you can go down to center city and hit up the ever popular 21 and over crowd which is pretty much the whole city. with all the cool trendy clubs like anything on delaware ave or the cool trendy bar/clubs off of spring garden.(Watch out for the Temple football team outside of Tiki Bobs, they WILL jump you for NO reason!!) Oh yea for all of you that watch the real world, Shampoo in Philadelphia is NOT a gay club. If you are under 21, than your only real late night option in Phildelphia is South Street, which is the mecca of all that is wrong in Philadelphia, it has some cool stores, mostly boring stupid pointless stores that only truly serve purpose or humor if you are drunk or with friends who like to have fun doing stupid things, like going into condom Kingdom and actually enjoying yourself. the list of things to do on South Street is really short. so you can make your way to Genos on 10th and passyunk, personally, this is the ONLY reason to go to the city, unless of course you are traveling to see a football, baseball or hockey game dont bother going to see a basketball game, it will consist of watching some short arrogant prick whose number is 3 shooting the ball about 50 times, making 20 of them and running around the court looking like a troll on speed. Well Genos is the best place in the world, nothing like rude service,long lines and great cheesesteaks, also nearby is the pretzel factory, open only at midnight, Sun through fri. best soft pretzels in the world. though if your not from the area i dont think you even know what a soft pretzel is. So basically the only reason to go to Philadelphia is to go to a cool trendy bar/club, and afterwards go to genos and get a cheesesteak and than go to the preztel factory. And this should give you a pretty good idea what its like to be from Philadelphia, where we are passionate about two things, our sports teams and our foods and i will close this by saying the only things a true philadelphian would close it with E.A.G.L.E.S.... EAGLES