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In wake of the Summer Olympics. I have begun to realize, well I knew it all along how many slammin hot girls are in the world today. So This is my tribute to the girls who are not only hot, but athletic as well. Perfect combination!

Amanda Beard- Swimming
22 Year Old Swimmer from Cali, goes U of Arizona, 200 meter breaststroke gold medal winner.


Mohini Bhardwaj - Gymnastics
25 year old from Cali. Graduated from UCLA. Vault specialist, though can do wonderful things on a balance beam


Lauren Jackson - Basketball
 23 years old From Austrailia 6'5" all about the hardwood. Though likes tattoos and posing naked.


Tara Dakides - Snowboarding
29 years old. Holy goddess of snowbording has won more X games medals and Vans triple crown championships than any other female in the sport. Not to mention she is hot.


Heather Mitts - Soccer
26 years old. Defender on the US womens soccer team. As well as ESPNS hottest female athlete for 2004. Played for Philadelphia charge until the WUSA was disbanded. However word is, it that it'll be back soon, not soon enough!


Jennie Finch - Softball
24 from Cali, looks like a model, throws like a beast, downside is shes getting married to some tool from the major leagues.


Natalie Coughlin - Swimming
22 y/o from Cali, goes to Cal Berkley so shes probably smart, which is good! Swims like a monster racked up a gold, silver and bronze in the games this year.


Franziska Van Almsick - Swimming
26 y/o from Germany. Better than average swimmer, crazy party girl, hot as hell. Could her only problem be that she speaks german? There are TONS if pictures of this girl, this one is the best with her clothes on.


Laura Wilkinson - Diving
26 y/o from Texas. Gold medal winner in Sydney, likes to come from behind, and take it all, not the hottest girl in the world but worthy of the list.


Stacy Dragila - Track and Field - Pole Vault
33 y/o from Idado. Very Hot, can jump higher than I can and knows the right way to hold a stick. Aside from the fact that shes very hot and shes 33. Nice older women thing is kinda nice. Oh yea not to mention the fact that  she won the first womens pole vaulting gold medal in Sydney.


Aly Wagner - Soccer
24 from you guess it, Cali, I live on the wrong damn coast! went to UC Santa Clara, plays for the Womens Soccer team. And shes cute, my ass is moving to California, good bye PA


Tatiana Grigorieva - Track and Field - Pole Vault
 28 y/o from Australia Something about womens pole vaulters and them being hot, i guess cause hot white women can't run fast so they stick to other events. But she is one hell of a pole vaulter, runner up to Dragila in the Sydney games. There are so many hot pictures of this girl on the internet much less her website, but this was the one i chose. There are better ones, Go find them, trust me!


Cat Osterman - Softball
21 from Texas, seriously Cali and Texas produces the hottest women in this country. Pitches for the Longhornes, as well as The U.S womens team. Couldn't find a great pic of her by herself, so i threw in one of her with jennie finch.


Gretchen Bleiler - Snowboarding
22y/o from Colorado. If Tara Dakides doesn't do it for you, Gretchen will, and if she won't than you need to start checking out the men. Gretchen isn't exactly up and coming, she is the next great female snowboarder in the world, and we shall send praise to her!


Malia Jones- Surfing
27 y/o from Hawaii. Without a doubt the best and hottest female surfer in the world today. Nothing else needs to be said, just stare at her.


Kerri Walsh - Beach Volleyball
26 y/o from Cali. Part of the best womens beach volleyball team in the world. With Misty May. She likes to hang out on the beach all day and jump in the sand. Again i ask myself, what am i doing in Pennsylvania, when ALL the hot girls are in Cali!