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Me... The one you know and Love

(i'm the normal looking guy second from the left)

Pledge Class at our Date party

Donkey needs to kill himself!

My Friend Eric and I at Georgetown, notice the stickers!

WHO AM I ??? The burning question will finally be anwered in here!
i went to George Mason am pretty much done, The past year I have been working full time... where you might ask? 

am a manager at Abercrombie and fitch in King of Prussia. Elite of the Elite. YOU WISH you were where I am. 

I'm from Lansdale, Pennsylvania. I went to North Penn High School. Class of 2000. While there I played Football, ran track and played Lacrosse. North Penn Football All OUT APE SH*T FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saw this in an email and loved it. Ya'll Hometown motherfuckers know this is the truth.
Philadelphia isn't just a city that lies between the shadows of New York and Washington, it is a city where the Eagles are the topic of dinner conversation year round and most people still listen to the Phillies on the radio. It is where a meal consists of a cheesesteak, Yuengling, soft pretzel and Tasty Kakes for dessert. It is where there is a Wawa on every corner and you look forward to the first day of Spring when Rita's gives out free water ice. That is philadelphia. Outsiders will never understand.

I am a marketing major. Not exactly sure what part of marketing I want to get into haven't really figured all that out yet, just wanna enjoy the time before i have to decide, somewhere possibly in market research, or advertising. Sometime in the future i want to get married, kids, who knows. Trying not to think about the future. Live Life each day to the fullest possible extent you can do what you want ya know.

If you don't already know me. Heres a little bit. While i may come off as a total dick, believe me im not. Most of my friends hated me until they got to know me, so don't prejudge me. I like having fun and im incredinly spontaneous. I will do pretty much anything. So may call it crazy,I call it living. If you've ever seen American Pie 2, my personality is best described like Stifler. "He's the guy who knows what everyones thinking but is the only one with the balls to say it. Pretty much thats me in a nutshell. If your still interested. IM me GdByNice2KnowU. If you wanna email me the address is

Turn Ons: What I look for in a girl or just random things that drive my wild. (I haven't changed this since i wrote it, 3 YEARS Ago, and well I've changed alot since than so its time.)

What do I look for in a girl. Well she has to attractive, but I'm not looking for a model, if a girl sees herself as attractive, she usually is. But more importantly she has to have an amazing personality that actually makes me want to be around her.  A girl who will open up her heart to me and let me open up to her without feeling "I'm saying something wrong". I like a girl who can hold a conversation about anything, even if she's not interested, instead of backin away from the conversation and sitting in the backround with a bored look on her face, i would rather her be involved. She has a sense of humor and also lets me be the wild and crazy kid that I am.She knows how to have a good time no matter what it is, whether it be sitting at a bar having a few drinks and dinner, or sitting at my house, watching a movie. She needs to make an effort and call me on it, if she doesn't think i am. Sweet, Smart, Sexy and Adorable at the same time is perfect.

Random Things that Drive me Crazy about girls:

-Tattoos on a girls stomach, either around the belly button, or on her hip bone, peeping out of her pants/underwear.
-Looking into a girls eyes and without saying a word you know what shes going say.
-Nice tight stomachs.
-When girls act like their tough and try to fight you.
-A girl kissing,licking, or touching ears.
-cuddling on a bed or a couch.
-Smooth, tan skin
-Making me feel like i am the most important guy in the world



Bad Boys I and II, The Lord of the Rings trilogy( i admit it, i was hooked after the two towers), Gangs of New York(Quite possibly the only history movie that wasn't full of shit),Vanilla Sky,Blue Crush, the Rules of Attraction( any movie with Kate Bosworth- in it i.e.. Blue Crush) Arlington Road, Swingers, Body Shots, Extreme Days,Out Cold, Mulholland Drive, Memento,American Pie 2,American pie, The Fast and the Furious, Gladiator, Varsity Blues, Animal House,Boondock Saints,Suicide Kings, The Matrix, Any movie with Ali Larter in it,Good Will Hunting, Dead Poets Society, Braveheart,When Harry Met Sally,Can't Hardly Wait.There are so many more it would take hours to think of them all.

Kate Bosworth


Well music is like always, diverse as ever. Recently i've been into um everything, you should check out 30 seconds to mars, Gloria Record, Jump little children, The Anniversary, American Football, Incubus, 311, Pete Yorn, guster, John Mayer, The Starting Line, ben Harper, DMB, Counting Crows, Coldplay, Cursive, Dashboard Confessional, Matthew Good Band, Jeff Buckley, Juliana Theory, Taking Back Sunday,  The Early Novemver,Pat Mcgee band, Our Lady Peace, Sevendust, the used, Thursday, Weezer, Sublime, sugarcult, sinch, Stereophonics. I guess thats about it, if there is any name or band on this list that you haven't heard, check em out the worst that can happen is you don't like them however you could fall in love with them, thank me if you do! Oh yea shout out to My man mike coonan.. check out the Prize Fight

Cars: Dan and Eric, thanks for getting me into cars.

Cars are driving are the greatest thing there is, really. I mean does it get any better than driving a fast car, or even a not so fast car; FAST. For me it doesn't, the rush you get if your racing someone, that feeling of control, power taking over your body for a few seconds, minutes. The way your heart and brain tells you ro be careful, but your foot and eyes tell you otherwise, not getting caught by the cops after racing or even just driving fast is the biggest relief in the world. To me driving in general is a great outlet, the best. I can sit in my car for hours, just driving aimlessly. Why, who knows, to waste time? sometimes, other times it's just for something to do, because I love it, sitting in my car with the windows down, wind blowing in my face, music blaring, to me thats better than anything else in the world. What does it do for you?

Toyota Supra Twin Turbo