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Kelly Martin's PAge
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Kelly with her balloon hat on at Fridays!

This is Kelly Martin's Page... as told to you by the heading!!!!

Here is Kelly's Original Shout out

Kelly - Are you mad at me??? are ya sure? :-) we need to do a little golfing this summer. Ask your dad if i can drive the Supra around the block. Finally got to go golfing. Swimmin in the pool, having a Pat Suprise :-) it was fun def. have to do it again. Oh never forget trading cars at Superstar. Sorry my seat is so far back = Kel... all i have to say is dealing with kate at the KOP mall. Laughing our asses off at Friendlys all those little kids. HOOK ME UP WITH LAUREN!!!!! TAG YOUR IT!!!!! Damn your a crazy girl, GENOS all the way! Playing Chineese Fire Drill on 76, and freezing our asses off at GENOS, missed ya girl.

I really haven't updated her page in nearly 2 years.
HERE is the rest!!!

What can i say? We seriously have so much fun doing random shit and i fucking love it and you. Genos is our haven, along with Fat Tuesdays and could we possibly forget the pretzel factory? I know i couldn't! You are also one of the only people i know that I can write off and all it takes is a phone call from you and we're back to being the best of friends. I love that about you. Nothing like getting lap dances at Fat Tuesday by big black bouncers and drinking 190 octanes like it's our jobs. Can't forget random drunk phone calls to Rachel, or Kari for that matter, the third member of our group! Oh the memories of you 2 at bars, getting hit on by random strangers until i come and save the day! So much fun. Here you go it's your own page, you have truly made it!