House of Grebe
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Shout outs

To all my Brothers, Friends and Family this is YOUR page.

First of all i want to thank everyone who has ever known me good or bad you have touched my life in one way or another you all mean alot to me.

Dan- You are my boy til I die dog. WHAT the FUCK will live on forever. Never forget Islanders and the KOP mall or getting lost on the way home from the SIXAZ and IVASIN. Mom im hot im confused and im so fucking HOT!!!!!!! Racin YODA 98 Mustang VS the Civic Type R Hatchback and sit! Fast And The Furious Supras and Chargers and S2000's oh my! ALF 2001 good Times. Gettin in fights with sherman n sit! Phillies Game n sit, with G.C and your cuz... MOM!!!!!!! WHERE ARE YOU, Warped Tour and getting my cd's stolen, that one sucked. but concert was good! J's party going crazy gettin back to normal, beer pong style, TEAL PANTIES BABY!!!!!! so many hot 17 year olds! LoL. Pukin my guts out on the front porch, yea that was fun. 311 was awesome, rockin the Eagles stadium, Genos and shit, gotta hook me up wit your sisters friend. "So hot" "HOLY Shit" you know what i mean.  J's party part 2 this summer was off the hook especially me fighting with that kid at 3 am playing beer pong, WOW what a night, so out of control. Who knows what round three will call for!
Donkey- DIE put your head in a toilet and breathe. JK your my dog and when we're teamed up people cry. Carlisle and The sport compact's and SIT. Hyped up FAST Neons with hood scoops that add 300 hp. and the stickers add another 20 hp. Gotta love this.... "Hey dick ya know what else has sharp teeth... what... a badger"  40 dawgz of Schlitz Malt Lika! Yo man all i gotta say is Porsche restoration all drunk and shit this summer.. yo donk where does this part go... i dunno.... oh shit! Incubus and gettin high with Ty and mike and Bud, good times man. I'm sorry eric but you need to die! GMU will be a fun time next year, be ready to party! Orientation drinkin Bacardi from the bottle, smoking some shit through the hookah action with Ty and his boys. This semester has been fun so far, DC bars and you gettin loaded and sit, good times, trust me bro it will only get better, it can only get better. Crazy Ass Spring Semester 04 style, Tuesday Night Drinking club, Chappelle Show at 40's, It's just been all types of fun.
Omicron class Fall 2000- Ray- Ray, Reverse, Lurch and Yoda(me) were the best class on this campus... Aiyo its all good Range Rover all wood. Do me like you should FUCK ME GOOD SUCK ME GOOD. " Even if im not at Clarion i will always part of you guys. Stay strong. Zack good luck in all you do at LHU
Nick- Yo dude, It's been an awesome ass semester, just being drunken assholes, is always fun, spending money we don't have, going to lunch, and dinner and random trips across northern Virginia and such, it's been real. Tuesday Night Drinking Club til we die
Jenny- Hey sweetie, I'm glad we got to meet, this semester has been so much fun, just us all hanging out, being fun, and crazy, drinking way too much, and the best boxed wine and 40's, i mean there is nothing more ghetto in college ever! Tuesday Night Drinking Club til we die
Jennifer Bruno- Seriously i delete you out of my shout outs because we haven't talked in like two years and we start talking again. 21st birthday fun at Reeds, WHY ISN'T ANYONE DRUNK BUT ME ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!!
Cas AKA BEAST- I'm glad we're friends again yea so what I know it was my fault but nonetheless your a great friend. We have so much fun together. Penn Relays my senior year, Kate driving my car haha. Flyers game you were the best date :-) Your friendship means alot to me i hope we're above that gray area= We need to hit up some phillies games this summer. Dates of course! Driving home from sr. week 2001 and getting road head... thanks... opps i hope everybody knows about that. jk :-) GENOS!!!!!!
Kristen Marie- I'm glad we're friends again. I missed you. we have so much fun together. a chair in a room and we will have a good time. Peach Scnapps and orange Slurpee damn what a good idea that was gotta do it again. Always remember Willow Grove mall at 9:30 AM at Abercrombie in our pajamas. "I gotta take you home"... sandals come on, turn around... sandals come back off... "You can be a few mintutes late"(The jersey!) :-). Kristen it seems your shout out keeps getting bigger and bigger. I will always be there for you, Thank you for always being a shoulder to cry on or a face to yell at. :-) I really do love you. Fucking love you dear, hook me up with a jamma vibrator sorostitute. KRISTEN NEDEROSTEK IS MY FUTURE EX WIFE!!!!!! Fuckin love you babe!...So lets map out our lives, we graduate probably about the same time, go to england you work for Manchester United i work for the company my mom knows, we get married go crazy in london, you start fucking beckam, we get a divorce, you go to florida and find some fashion designer and never have to work again, Oh well the shout out gets longer as I must mention the past month or so, oh yea Scene it with Chris and Lauren, CUba and Johny Tapia, the airport and Genos, Drunken Duqesnse memories, I FUCKING LOVE THIS GIRL. Seriously you need your own page, actually that is a good idea. You are getting your own page.

 Lil Ned - You def. get a shout out, how could i forget you. Well you want a longer shout-out, here it comes. First you hate me, than you think I'm pretty cool hangin out at KOP being assholes must have been fun. Cheering section at the ball games. WHOOOOOOO! X-Games style, was fun, genos and shit. "Oh I'm at my friends house". Drivin around behind the mall, than visiting kristen.  Oh yea and Friendlys with your shorties! good times lil ned, good times in deed. KOP mall and shit, being assholes and doing stupid crazy ass things, much fun and much love bro.

MegHAN- Hey im glad we're friends again. Shrek was pretty good. i liked it. Jump roping around the parking lot. Don't forget me and keep in touch. Kickin my ass at Miniture golf. I'm glad we are friends again, i really do love ya and i've missed you. CATCH YA LATER Navigator! what a great damn movie!
Kelly - Are you mad at me??? are ya sure? :-) we need to do a little golfing this summer. Ask your dad if i can drive the Supra around the block. Finally got to go golfing. Swimmin in the pool, having a Pat Suprise :-) it was fun def. have to do it again. Oh never forget trading cars at Superstar. Sorry my seat is so far back = Kel... all i have to say is dealing with kate at the KOP mall. Laughing our asses off at Friendlys all those little kids. HOOK ME UP WITH LAUREN!!!!!  TAG YOUR IT!!!!! Damn your a crazy girl, GENOS all the way! Playing Chineese Fire Drill on 76, and freezing our asses off at GENOS, missed ya girl.
Michelle- Seriously, you are awesome, my life is better because you are in it, there is nothing small about that feat. Much Love to my baby.

Alyssa- I doubt you will ever read this, but I just want you to know that I miss  you constantly, i don't know why, i don't know how but there was something i felt when i met you/ and our time together that i have never felt before. You have your own life and it in no way involves me and thats fine with me, but i wish i could tell you that.
Heather- To my future ex wife, i love you so much, when you FINALLY come visit me in Virginia i am going to ROCK your world like never before. =P You are the hottest, most beautiful girl i have ever not met in my life. However it is NOT cool when we're on the phone and you ignore when your at school :-(

Crescent - Me + You = something that has to do with watching a movie. 'm glad we're friends again. Working with you this summer may not be the best idea, but it will be fun. Get me a fez ticket and i'll do anything! Well Fez is over, and you did get me a ticket so i guess i owe you um well anything, surprised you didnt claim that. . Pete Yorn was awesome especially that crazy lady on E in front of us,dancing like it was 1989! Getting all nervous in front of Pete Yorn ha! Livin with you is fun, a little different than expected but no complaints, hell if i can work with you in a plant full of shit for an entire summer, we can conquer anything together. Feel better.
Kristy and Jen - What can i say you guys are both great, we haven't hung out together in a very long time. But i love you both thanks for being there
         Kristy- studying countless hours for astro with Brett. its saturday and we're studying, what the hell were we thinking.. lets go to west chester. Winter break was awesome, so much fun, and never forget New Years eve, with me and kevin drunk saying happy new year to EVERYONE on south street! Kristy Stoll whar would i do without you. seriously K Stoll YOU COMPLETE ME, no matter how my life is, you will always make it sunnier.
        Jen - Florida was fun as hell, thanks for taking me. Going to south street and meeting Stephen and Finnbarr what a fun spontaneous day that was. We always have fun on south street it seems, New Years eve 2003, what a great night. Congrats on the baby,better name is Christopher, or at least Kristy.
Both Of You are such good friends and I don't know what i would do without you, i Love you both and I want you to never forget that wherever either of us are, You will forever be in my heart for the rest of my life.

LaJ- Bubbles im glad we're this close again. You have no idea how much i missed you the past year. I really do love ya and am here for you no matter what.

Kim - Drinking Coffee, reading Kama Sutra at Barnes and noble.Kissing you on the forehead and holding you in my arms. i miss you. Well it didn't work out, but your still an awesome friend, keep it that way! I have to come visit sometime than im not working. But i Promise you i will come up and visit you. Good Times ahead like always. On The beach in Ocean City ( NEVER FORGET IT) Glad we're close now, i love ya sweetie. Sorry for being an asshole i really miss you alot. Call me.
Caringi - All I should say is we gotta go CRAZY and play beer pong with mike. HA HA that guy is a dork and a half. Definintion of a TOOL.  Keep in touch, i missed ya. I always have a good time with you. Hangin out at Temple with you and steph and such, drinkin havin good times, DEF shouldn't have driven home the first time, but the second time, oh thank god i didn't. TEMPLE IS THE PLACE TO BE, WHY DIDN"T YOU TELL ME ABOUT STEPH.
Carrie Cam- HERE IS YOUR SHOUT OUT. FOR ALL WHO DON'T KNOW CARRIE CAM IS AWESOME! I miss you, but you never wanna hang out :-) jk. but really i haven't seen you in forever and i think we should chill. Maybe we'll hang at Mason sometime. Love ya babe.

Jessica - You've found your demons and conquered them, and for that you have become a stronger person. Keep fighting and before you know it you will be walking to my house.

Danielle- We've had the best of times, we've had the worst of times but at least we've had those times together. I love you

Nadine - You are my light at the end of the tunnel, why i keep going on. Without you i would have lost my mind by now :-) Thank you so much you really have no idea how much I love ya babe. Thanks for everything.

Krista- Miniture golfing and holes in one. ha ha. Keep in touch over the summer. I hope you liked the movie. Signs and you taking all my quotes from this site!!!
To the Hottest, Best, Funnest Sorority on Campus oh you know who i'm talking about D-Phi-E. Christina I LOVE YOU...
Rach- gotta love me stoping by every once in a while completely out of the blue :-) we dont really talk anymore i miss you. Flyers V.S. Pens under the blanket haha. OK your shout out has been updated, we need to hang out during Christmas break. aiight.

Christine- Words can't explain how much you mean to me. Your the best im glad I have you to talk to about god knows what. Your the best I love ya babe.

J- Sr. Week 2000 what a good time. Proof alcohol REALLY affects you in ways we dont recognize very often. Im gonna have to make it up to PSU during a NON -riot weekend.YOU are officially the worst driver I know. The world would be a safer place if you took the bus, NOT DRIVE the bus, TAKE the bus.

Lisa A. What would you do without me? who knows prob find someone else, but what would i do without YOU????? Thanks for everything you've done for me your a great friend and you will continue to be for the rest of my years up at school. NEVER EVER EVER EVER forget the cabin Novemember 2000. YOU WON'T DO IT.... YES I WILL.... I BET YOU YOU WON'T.... OK..... GREBE WHAT ARE YOU DOING ...( FLAP FLAP FLAP FLAP FLAP) GREBE WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T TURN ON THE LIGHT!

Juli - You get your own shout-out. Its a little late but at least you've got one. Alot of girls can't say that. Well right now we're kinda pissed at each other but never forget our countless drunken nights :-) or the margarita that def. affected our judgement.

Kreyenhagen- sup nigga? Haven't seen ya all year I come back and its like I've been gone a week. This summer will include more Phillies Games- 700 level to 200 level gotta love it! Bro its gonna be fun, living at the Grebe residence. We will have good times,Smokin tha ganj like we have had all summer long. Gettin drunk on SoCo n sit.  Golfin shooting 112 and getting pissed off!!!!! WHACK FUCK RETURNS!!!!!! the Art Museum and the fountain is all i have to say. Being 21 has been a curse on both of us, less money more drinking, something is wrong here. Forever bros!
North Penn Football Class of 2k- ALL OUT APE SHIT til the day we die. Good luck to all of you in whatever paths you take in the future and never forget "The Season"

Mom and Dad- If i could tell you how much you both mean to me we'd be here all day and my fingers would hurt. Both of you have done more for me than i ever thought was possibly for a parental- son relationship. You've molded me into the man i am today and good or bad thats who i am. Thank You for spoiling me :-)

Ashley and Samantha- Well i guess you guys aren't that bad most of the time. Samantha getting thrown in the pool. Ashley your stil a smart ass.

David and Beth- I miss you guys so much i hope we come out sometime soon to see you all how are my little big nephews doing. big Bro sit yo i hope u be chillin yo. and watch out cause i will beat you in Ball next time i see you so keep up the game or just give up ahead of time cause i dont wanna hear you cryin like last time. David um well there was this one time in college when I tried on a dress but i was really drunk and blah blah blah