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Dad's Page aka PopPop Grebe

Happy Holidays to my family and friends!  This past year 2002 has been unique and different to say the very least.  We started out the New Year in New York City at Times Square with David and Beth celebrating his 30th birthday.  We now have TWO teenage daughters and an ALMOST 21 year old son. The phone never stops ringing and is ALWAYS  missing (see Ashley's link). I constantly am bitching to the 3 of them "CLEAN YOUR ROOM" "WHERES THE DAM PHONE" and of course "WHO SCREWED UP THE COMPUTER".  As Monica always reminds me "The Kids keep you young" 

We have a new addition to our family!  Monica enclosed (sorta) the patio and transformed it into a "private oasis" for herself.  For the first time ever we have a gigantic Christmas Tree out there and will entertain friends and family there. 


What a job!

Survived Open Heart Surgery in November 1996.