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This year has been incredibly crazy. I am now attending George Mason University, which is in Fairfax,Virginia. I am a marketing major there, having a wonderful time. I played on the GMU football team this past season, which was alot of fun and hard work, but it was good to play football again. My grades weren't as good as i would have liked but I worked hard and plan on working just as hard to finish the year stronger than i started it. I turned 21 this past march and that has been fun to say the least, i haven't become the alcoholic i thought i was going to be,part of that reason is that I am a poor college student and i have no money to go to the bars! I also went to Europe with my mother in March of last year for three weeks we traveled from London, to Paris, to all over Ireland, spending St. Patricks Day inDublin, which was a wonderful time to say the least. The trip was absolutely spectacular and wouldn't trade it or the memories for anything. I am dying to go back to London, possibily getting a job over there post graduation. I guess that is about it. Hope you all have a wonderful Holday and a safe and fun New Year.

My Friend Eric and I in Georgetown, last January

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