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      Hey its Sammi. I  have been doing good lately. This year was very fun. After school got out in June I had my birthday party even though my birthday is March 27. It was very fun and well organized (besides the cake in my face). During the summer I had alot of fun I slepted over peoples house, had sleepovers, went to parties, went swimming, gymnastics practice, went to the horse farm and, hung out with friends.Also my friend Katie invited me to go to Canada for a week. We stayed on a island and we  had no electricity. Very scary, no lights at night and wierd sounds!! For Ashley's  Birthday party we went to the X-Games which was very fun! I got Matt Doves shirt (pro-skater). September came around and I started eight grade. It was fun (wink wink). Lot of work and its hard to keep good grades. My nana came up from Gerogia and stayed for about a week and a hafe. She brough a kitten with her for my brother chris as a early christmas gift. I call it the devil cat because she bites and scratches alot she also attacks anything that moves. Around November my best friend jay and I started going to the Y.M.C.A its like the local gym since i quite gymnastics. But the horse farm has been a good work out for me too. Poop is heavyyy!! Jay has been turned into one of my family so he is over all the time after school. Well that has been my 2002 year from when school got out to now. I learned alot of new things and went throug many experinces. Well Happy Holidays and have a Happy New years!!  God belss everyone and god thanks for this wounderful year u have gave me.


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