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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all
We just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas, We sincerely hope everyone had a good year and we wish nothing but the best for the year and years to come. It has been a busy, very trying year, but we all managed to get through it. Enjoy Yourself, and look around, there's certainly lots to see! But most of all, have a wonderful holiday and a wonderful new year as well!

Mom is still working at V2,Inc and is prospering there, she has worked very hard throughout the year and has continued to strive to her beyond her limits at work as well as at home, making sure the hectic housework gets done and the family is taken care of. 

Dad got a new job working for a medical delivery service company, the hours and driving are hell, but he seems to enjoy it. Gives him something to do, during the afternoon. He does his job of pushing the rest of us to keep the house clean and tidy when mom can't be there as well as keeping on us about schoolwork. 

Christopher is still at Montgomery County Community College, he is doing well and enjoys it. He plans on transferring to George Mason University, in Virginia in the fall of 2003, so wish him luck. 

Ashley is in the ninth grade at Penndale middle school, she is doing very well there. She is taking a lot of Home-economics type courses as she still dreams of being a chef. In her free time, she seems to enjoy herself, and has a social life we could have never dreamed of. She is the president of her homeroom as well as the manager of the girls basketball team!

Samantha is in the eighth grade at Penndale, she is also doing very well there. She has been incredibly busy since she got to the middle school, with track, which she did VERY well in last season. She is also helping out a friend at the stables to help disabled children, as well, she is also the president of her homeroom.

Ashley and Samantha have also been helping out to coach a church cheerleading squad.

Each Family member has made their own page, for you to find out more about us and what we've been up to, if there are any problems accessing anything or if you have any questions, feel free to email me (Chris) @

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