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This Page is Dedicated to the shoppaholic, crazy fun loving best friend of mine

The Name says it all

Ok Kristen you have your own page, consider it a honor not many people have their own page, not exactly sure what i am going to do with it yet.

Well lets start about the fateful day we met. One cold night sometime after thanksgiving my senior year, my friend Bob Gorcey and i are walking around the mall, looking desparetly for jobs. With no luck and being rejected from many places because of our boyish good looks and chamring demeanor we are thinking of giving up, when we see it... Learning Express, perfect we think, working at a toy store CAN'T be that hard can it? So we walk in and i notice her, the angel behind the counter, so beautiful that i will not take no for a answer. Well we didn't have to, we talked to the manage and she gave us jobs pretty much on the spot and the saga that is the friendship of Kristen Nederostek and I began.

Of course she had a boyfriend, they always do and those first few weeks of attempting to flirt with her were shot down by those dreaded four words "My boyfriend and I" but we still became friends despite this friend that is a boy. But throughout the months our friendship grew strong like bear. Despite the fact that her family didn't like me, her brother and father hated me and well she still had a boyfriend. Things were looking average at best. She eventually became single and i asked her to my senior prom, hoping for... ahh who knows what the hell i was hoping for, how about a fun night of dancing until the sun came up oh and danced we did oh what a glorious night.

The summer came and went and we had a great time, she pissed me off, i got mad, didnt speak to her for the whole month of august, made our peace before i went to school and eryting was gonna be ok.

Since that fateful day in November nearly five years ago our friendship has had its UP'S and its downs. the memories we've made have been some of the best of my life. Willow Grove Mall at 9am in sweats in the summertime. The skirt you wore on your 17th birthday, the jersey, ReRe and you and our Pina Cola madness night, jumping up to the top bunk so i can get pissed at you... haha kevin, WHY? Trips to the KOP mall, going green with my mom, hanging out at your house all day long, watching movies Johnny tapia and i will sever your head CUba baby!  trips to Pittsburgh only to get so drunk that i don't know who i am, where i am, or what i am doing there, but still drop you and scratch your christmas shoes. 'i don't want you to see me like this, leave me alone!!!' meeting at the Y for some good old fashion working out "what asshole wears a school house rock shirt to the gym" Your 21st birthday, piggy back rides through the hotel. My god, seriously we have had some great times, I fucking love you. You are the best friend a guy could ask for and i will love you and be there for you til the day i die, that is my pledge to you. My one and only Strong Attack.


Kristen Neds shout- out from said shout out page
Kristen Marie- I'm glad we're friends again. I missed you. we have so much fun together. a chair in a room and we will have a good time. Peach Scnapps and orange Slurpee damn what a good idea that was gotta do it again. Always remember Willow Grove mall at 9:30 AM at Abercrombie in our pajamas. "I gotta take you home"... sandals come on, turn around... sandals come back off... "You can be a few mintutes late"(The jersey!) :-). Kristen it seems your shout out keeps getting bigger and bigger. I will always be there for you, Thank you for always being a shoulder to cry on or a face to yell at. :-) I really do love you. Fucking love you dear, hook me up with a jamma vibrator sorostitute. KRISTEN NEDEROSTEK IS MY FUTURE EX WIFE!!!!!! Fuckin love you babe!...So lets map out our lives, we graduate probably about the same time, go to england you work for Manchester United i work for the company my mom knows, we get married go crazy in london, you start fucking beckam, we get a divorce, you go to florida and find some fashion designer and never have to work again, Oh well the shout out gets longer as I must mention the past month or so, oh yea Scene it with Chris and Lauren, CUba and Johny Tapia, the airport and Genos, Drunken Duqesnse memories, I FUCKING LOVE THIS GIRL. Seriously you need your own page, actually that is a good idea. You are getting your own page. (hence the reason why you are here)