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Bad Day Page

"There are good days and there are bad days. And the good days are few and far between. But the good days are so good that they outweigh the bad ones. So keep your head up. There are good days to come." -Allison Schooling

The best thing about having a bad day, is involving other people, seriously, i hate having a bad day by myself, next time your having one, do something to piss somebody off. Or the gold mine is to find someone who is having a bad day as well, and you two can be pissed off at the world together and two heads are better than one!
100 things to do to make a bad day better

1. Call someone
2. Go running
3. Get in a fight
4. Write a poem
5. Burn a CD
6. Smile
7. Go to someones house
8. Drive around
9. Take a walk
10. Lift
11. Get drunk
12. Get high
13. Find someone worse off than you and make fun of them
14. Write a song
15. Look up something funny on the internet
16. Go to bed and when u wake up smile
17. Watch a movie
18. Learn to do something you always wanted to do
19. Go sky diving
20. Make a stupid list of 100 things to do
21. Go to
22. Listen to music
23. Go out with friends and make a movie
24. Go to a mall and make fun of kids
25. Go shopping
26. Get in your car and race kids on a 2 lane road
27. High speed police chases
28. Cliff diving
29. Make a web page
30. Prank call some one
31. Play video games
32. Read a book
33. Write a story
34. Watch TV
35. Play games on your cell phone
36. Call someone you havent talked to in a long long time
37. Write someone an email
38. Write someone a letter
39. Call a bowling alley and ask if they have 25 lb balls and when they say yes ask how they walk around
40. Jump off a bridge
41. Go to a bonfire
42. Meet someone new
43. Have sex
44. Get head
45. Kiss someone youve always wanted to but never have the balls to do it before
46. Surf the web for something you want to buy
47. Write funny things backwards on a calculator
48. Break something
49. Eat something you love
50. Go to a museum
51. Roll on Ecstasy
52. Trip on acid
53. Talk to someone on AOL/AIM
54. Goof off in a public place
55. Read the comics in the Sunday newspaper
56. Go hiking
57. Go mountain biking
58. Drive to a big city w/close friends
59. Dedicate a song to someone special on a radio station and tell them to listen
60. Play in traffic
61. Invest money in the stock market and watch it triple
62. Accomplish something someone else thought was difficult
63. Climb a mountain
64. Take a long drive
65. Lay down and think about your problems
66. Look at photographs of you and your friends when you were younger
67. Look at old yearbooks
68. Begin a scrapbook of all those photos
69. Wine her dine her 69 her
70. Download a song you havent heard in ages
71. Scare one of your friends by sneaking up on her
72. Cuddle with someone you adore
73. Take a bath
74. Get drunk and take advantage of someone
75. Buy someone a gift
76. Buy your g/f roses and surprise her with them out of the blue
77. Wake up next to someone you care about and watch them sleep
78. Wake up after a night of drinking and not be hung over
79. Kill someone
80. Rent a movie that you havent watched since you were young
81. Read quotes that make you feel better about yourself
82. Look at pictures of hot girls
83. Read a book you were supposed to read for school but never did and realize it was really good
84. Play with an animal
85. Apologize to someone whos mad at you
86. Watch a favorite team win
87. Win money b/c your favorite team won
88. Find money in your dirty clothes
89. Read about the history of your family name
90. Watching a girl you like make the first move
91. Find money on the ground
92. Find out someone you likeLikes you
93. Begin a novel
94. Write a screen play about your life
95. Clean your room
96. Research something that interests you
97. Realize that half of these things on this list wont make your day better but have gotten your mind off it
98. Smile that you fell for them all
99. Go out and do something daring
100. Remember past bad days and realize that this one isnt as bad as them and they only usually last 24 hours anyway